What's it going to cost me?


Pay as You Go

Matterhorn Financial Planning, LLC charges fees on a Fee-Only, hourly basis. Fees for financial planning and investment advice services are $225 per hour, billed in six minute increments, and a partial increment will be treated as a whole.

Monthly Subscription

Clients may opt for an engagement under the annual agreement model. A start-up fee is charged upon the acceptance of the engagement and set monthly payments are made each month thereafter.  The fee is all-inclusive of the financial planning services that MFP provides per fee level as outlined in “Advisory Business” above. The fee will generally include a $1,000 start-up charge and an annual fee (for the Foothills plan) of $2,400, payable monthly in $200 installments by auto-debit. For the Mountaintop plan the annual fee will be $3,600, payable monthly in $300 installments by auto-debit. MFP reserves the right to adjust fees for unusual client situations.

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