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Before we work together, it is helpful to understand each other. Here are some of the principles that

I believe and that I integrate into my practice:

  • Life is about more than ending up with the largest possible portfolio.
  • The numbers don’t tell the whole story—your personality and preferences play a big part.
  • Financial education is valuable.
  • Everyone should be able to access financial planning assistance.
  • In regards to investing:
    • Your behavior in large part determines your portfolio return.
    • You need to understand your risks as well as the potential returns.
    • It’s difficult for an investment manager to consistently provide better than average returns,
      and even more difficult to know beforehand which managers will succeed at that endeavor.
    • Your choice of the types of investments you purchase and the mixture of those investments is
      generally more important than trying to choose the “best” investment manager.

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